2017 Annual Career Check

When the clock strikes midnight, what are you going to celebrate as you ring in 2018? How many January’s come and go with the intention of bettering our lives, but as we trudge through to March those intentions are left … Read More

Networking Is It The Obvious Tactic

Networking: Is It The Obvious Tactic?

“He doesn’t believe that can actually help him find work. He’s tried.” I received this response when speaking with a woman who was inquiring about help for her husband. He had been seeking a new role for many months and … Read More

Catalyst of Career Change

The Catalyst of Career Change

Last week I was asked what happens to spur someone to make a career change. As I thought about various examples, there was one consistent theme. Each person was at a point in their life where they had reached a … Read More

Identify Skill Promote Talent Melissa Mac

Identify Skill. Promote Talent.

When asked “What can you do?” most people rattle off a list of things they can do without much thought. In terms of their career, it is often things like “I can present to clients, I can close a deal, … Read More

When career fit no longer feels good

When Fit No Longer Feels Good

I remember having a job once where I literally would think on my drive into the office “If I got in a car accident right now, I wouldn’t have to go to work.” Not exactly the positive thoughts one needs … Read More

Power of Personal Branding Melissa Mac Career Coaching

Power of Personal Branding

The Power of Personal Branding What’s the difference between you and Jennifer Lawrence? No, I do not mean the obvious “She’s an actress and you’re not” answer. The difference is that Jennifer Lawrence manages her professional brand with a team … Read More

Considerations Before Taking That Next Job Offer

Considerations Before Taking That Next Job Offer

As youngsters, we envision a career that is exciting and full of glory. Doctor, astronaut, actor. When we travel toward adulthood that shiny idea fades to some confusion and then we hopefully emerge with an idea of a career that … Read More

What’s the Big Deal with Career Fit?

Why do I care so much about career fit? The simple answer is that it is because we have the opportunity to have careers that make us happy. I am not a dream chaser. I am not someone who will … Read More