Overcome self doubt and fear with daily habits

You’ve worked hard for this. You’re educated in your field, you’ve made progress, you have achievements under your belt, and yet…you still ask “Am I good enough?”

The niggling thoughts of self doubt and fear can hold us back for years – even for the eternity of our career – if we let them. How many times have you stumbled across a great career opportunity only to say to yourself “Oh, I can’t do that yet, I need more (fill in the blank with what you think your deficiency is).”? How many times have you been on the brink of taking that leap into something you truly desire, only to pull yourself back with the thoughts “I don’t think people will see me as someone credible yet, I better wait.”?

Why should we let those thoughts stop us from allowing ourselves to advance in our careers? We can choose to be our biggest barrier or our biggest cheerleader.

To stride past your self doubt and fear you can engage in mindful activities that will help you move past them and follow the path you are destined for: the path of success and happiness.

Seven Mindful Methods To Leave Self Doubt and Fear Behind

Just Say No

It’s simple, but it’s hard. When that little voice starts to whisper in your ear that you can’t do it or you are not good enough, take a moment to pause. Respond to that voice a statement that blows it out of the water: “I hear you, but I don’t agree with you. I can. I am. I will.” The more that you push the negative thoughts away and focus on the actuality of the positive, the more you will begin to embrace the positive.

Keep a journal or portfolio

Someone once said “It feels a little narcissistic to record everything that I do well.” So? Be narcissistic. Be proud of yourself and what you’ve done. Whether you do it daily or weekly, keep a track record of completed projects, accomplishments, praise from clients and colleagues, skills and knowledge you have acquired. It is going to give you all the proof you need to see how capable and valuable you are.

Remember: People don’t view us as critically as we think they actually do

Let’s get real. We are our own worst critic. We see our flaws through the lens of a microscope and think everyone else does. Guess what? They don’t have that same microscope. They are too busy being concerned their own flaws to be looking at ours in such detail. This is where our narcissism isn’t useful. Let’s not be so self-absorbed to think that others invest THAT MUCH thought in us.

You can course-correct

The beauty of life is that nothing is written in stone. If we make a choice that doesn’t turn out so well, we can made adjustments. Don’t let fear hover because you are worried something might not work out. When we look at the Elon Musk’s and Oprah’s of the world, we see evidence of the power of dropping fear, going for it, and course-correcting.

Don’t get stuck in the comparison-trap

This one is so easy to fall into. We can shift our gaze to another and see their successes and achievements and ask ourselves “Why can’t I be as good as that?” Remember the point above about how we are our own worst critic? You can guarantee that that person who you think is so much better than you has the same niggling doubts in the back of their mind asking “Why am I not good enough, why can’t I be like her?” You are your own person, with your own talents and strengths. You have your own path to follow, on your own two feet, and that path is mapped out differently than anyone else’s. Focus on your own journey and what you are doing well. There is someone out there likely looking at you and asking why aren’t they doing as well as you are.

Talk to someone about it

It’s amazing what can happen when you say something out loud. When you acknowledge the fear and self-doubt and talk it out. Share how you are feeling, why you are feeling, and explore solutions. Seek out a friendly – or even a professional – ear who will listen to you, understand, and ask you questions to help you overcome.

Have a little positive self-talk

Research suggests that it takes 21 days to build a new habit. Imagine that if for 21 straight days you told yourself that you are worthy, that you are valuable, that you are skilled, and that you can do it, that when day 22 arrived you woke up and suddenly those feelings of fear and self doubt were absolved. It would feel pretty amazing, wouldn’t it. Of course, it really isn’t that easy, but with daily reminder to yourself of your worth your brain and your heart will soon be on board. Whether you are saying it to yourself in the mirror every morning or writing in your journal everything, the simple practice of positive self-talk can boost your confidence and motivation.

Small daily actions can have tremendous impact. You can choose to be mindful of your worth and believe that you are, in fact, someone who is capable and deserving of opportunity and advancement, or you can give into to fear and self doubt. The choice is yours. Literally.


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