Professional Brand Strategy

Your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room – remember that.” ~ Chris Drucker

If you were to ask 5 of your colleagues and acquaintances right now what you do and what value you offer, would their answers surprise you or do you know exactly what they would say? The Professional Brand Strategy program helps you build up your personal brand so you that people know exactly what it is you do, what you can do, and what makes you so awesome.

This hands-on 3 month strategy coaching programs helps you to evaluate and establish your personal brand to position you prominently in your market, develop an individual job searching strategy that will help you connect with the employers you desire, and give you the confidence to ace interviews.

What's my personal brand status?
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Create Your Next Move With Intention

Your career matters to you. So does your next step. Why leave it to chance that you the right opportunity will land on your doorstep? Be intentional in your next career move. Take the time to understand what it is you are going after, learn how to present yourself well, and create a strategic plan to put yourself out there and get it.

Why Take Risks?

Sure, you could go it alone. Take a stab at writing your own resume, apply endlessly to jobs you find posted online, attend networking events and deliver a mechanical and salesy pitch about yourself. Spend months being frustrated with little to no results.

Or you can move forward with support and guidance. You can have a sounding board to run ideas by, a cheerleader in your corner, and a career expert with insider knowledge who can guide you around networking, application processes, and interviews.

Define Your Value. Build Your Credibility. Leverage Your Network.

Professional Brand Strategy | $1297

Professional Brand Strategy Includes:


  • 3 months of hands-on supportive coaching
  • 2 45 minute coaching calls per month plus an additional indepth 60+ minute session to uncover your accomplishments for your resume
  • Professionally written resumes & cover letters tailored to your goals
  • Professionally written LinkedIn profile content
  • Social Media audit
  • Access to resources to help you get clear in your goals and to hone in your talents and achievements
  • High access to me via email between our sessions with a guaranteed response within 24 hours (M-F)
  • You will be held accountable, be supported, and be encouraged to go after what it is you really want

Stop missing out on opportunities.

Deliver a clear, consistent message that sells your value.

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